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Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

for Rinpoche Birthday in November, we are once again organising several charitable activities. Rinpoche has been extensively involved in various dharma and charity projects all year round, and especially during the birthday month.

Thus we invite you to come together and celebrate with Rinpochela through these meaningful and meritorious ways.

Following are the plan for this year Rinpoche’s Birthday:

1) Gyachen Kazod Meal Offering

The meal offering to 400-500 sanghas and lay participants at Gyachen Kazod (A month long sacred transmission by Venerable Maniwa Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche at Sharminub Ling Monastry) is one of the special contributions from this year project. The meal will be offered on 17th November, the birthday of Rinpochela.

2) Life Release
Tse-thar (life liberation) for Longevity of Rinpoche and also behalf of all beings whose life are coming to an end, their life will be prolonged.

3) Other Charitable Projects
And similar to past years, Rinpochela will continue to donate for various projects:
– Orphanage,
– Underprivileged families
– Homes of the disabled and visually handicapped
– Cancer patients.

Your donation, no matter how small, can create a significant impact. Thank you & rejoice.

If you wish to make a contribution, please contact one of us:

Kunchok ‪+49 178 9451669‬ (WhatsApp)

Sandra +49 173 9963625
Trine +45 30 28 88 31

Olga +7 999 607-12-35

Polly +6012 4849 663

Buay Hong +65 97466960

Or you can transfer your donation directly via:

(Please mention “Offering for Rinpoche’s Birthday”)

We will close the collection of donations on 16 Nov 2023 23:59 hrs (Nepal Time)

Please note that receipts will only be issued upon request.

Any enquiry, please send to

Or to

By this collective merit may each and everyone be blessed with peace, good health and unbounded spiritual growth.

With Metta,
Dupseng Dharma Projects Team