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After Dedication...keep accumulating! (...)

The Lhabab Düchen & FireBirdYear Mani Project accumulations have been dedicated

That’s over one hundred seventy million mantras in total. Are rejoice with the merit of everyone who contributed even only a single mantra! Emaho! Emaho! Emaho!

Now that we’ve collectively accumulated and dedicated that incredible merit, what do we do with it? Suppose we use it to practice even more and keep accumulating. Because there’s no time but now, and the next Grand Dedication is coming soon. On Losar, to be precise. And like on all auspicious days Rinpoche is going to dedicate any and all practices logged here,

So you can  log whatever practices you are doing every day, even only one mantra, or one moment of mindfulness.

And of course, rejoicing in what others have accumulated, creates the same merit.

For both, practicing and rejoicing, check out the dedications and consider making an offering.

Dedicating merit is a crucial part of each and every practice session. And it is wonderful that Rinpoche and the lamas are dedicating the accumulated merit for all of us.

For our own practice sessions however, dedicating and making wishes can sometimes become a bit routine. “For the benefit of all sentient beings” is an incredibly vast and amazing aspiration but it can also easily become stale in its abstract hugeness.

So, a while ago, we’ve added the capability to share dedications on Dharma.online. Whenever you log a count you will find a button “Dedicate,” which will bring you to he the Dedications page, where you can dedicate your merit for the benefit of those dedication requests already shared, or you can share your own. A loved-one in difficulties, a neighbor with a challenge, or maybe an adversary with an obstacle to overcome.

(If you have something too personal to ask a dedication for, use the “private” option and it will only be visible to yourself and to Rinpoche.)

All the best wishes for your practice and merit today! May all be auspicious!

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